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Lake and Wetland Planting

Lake & Wetland Planting


The natural habitats that surround us play an important role in our life here in Florida. At ESU, we're dedicated to protecting and prolonging the life of these habitats, from wetlands to lakes. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information about any of our services, including wetland planting in Vero Beach, FL.

Upland & Wetland Creation & Restoration

Wetlands are critical for the protection of water quality, the habitation of wildlife, the mitigation of floods, and a wide range of other important natural functions. Although our state has protected wetland resources relatively successfully, many have still been degraded by current and past uses of the land. Unfortunately, these effects continue to grow as Florida's population increases.

By restoring these degraded areas, we hold the potential and the power to improve state water quality, wildlife habitats, and our overall quality of life. ESU has been an integral part of the restoration and creation efforts of these vital habitats in every corner of the state.

Algae RemovalPlants Being Installed

Plant & Tree Installation; Lake & Littoral Shelf Plant Installation & Maintenance

Many lake excavation projects in Florida are required to plant native aquatic plants along the shoreline. This creates a 'planted littoral shelf' and supports erosion control, wildlife habitats, and the quality of our water by creating a barrier for fertilizer run-off from golf courses and residential yards. Many state and local municipalities and private developers depend on ESU to install and maintain these littoral shelf plantings.

Treatment of Lakes & Littorals; Algae Control

Count on ESU for exceptional service on any lake projects in the state, from the inland region to the coast. We have the experience to work at large inland reservoirs, coastal saltwater impoundments, small stormwater lagoons, and more. Our professionals understand that each lake is different. Therefore, we strive to customize our operations to be as unique as the lake we're working on.

Aquatic Vegetation

Excessive algae and aquatic vegetation can affect more than the visual appeal of your lake; recreational activities, such as fishing, can also be adversely affected. At ESU, we have extensive experience identifying and treating aquatic plants with aquatic herbicides. Our workers are trained and licensed by the state. We exclusively use USEPA-certified aquatic herbicides to minimize our environmental impact. Please note that alternative aquatic vegetation strategies are used when viable.